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Jason Newsted

Height: 5'9"
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown/red

Jason Newsted was brought into Metallica after the tragic death of their bassist, Cliff Burton. Jason was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, and raised in Niles. At age 14, his family packed up and moved to Kalamazoo,Michigan, were he grew up 5 miles from the Gibson Guitar Company. The reason Jason wanted to play bass was because he was very inspired by Kiss' Gene Simmions. He saved up his moneyto buy himself a better bass and hooked up with a local band, Gangster, which included guitar player, Tim Hamlin. Hamlin became a teacher for the bass player. In 1981, Jason and Hamlin left for California but they only made it to Phoenix. In Phoenix, Jason kept himself busy by getting a job at a Subway. Jason and Hamlin drifted apart though and then Jason hooked up with drummer Kelly David-Smith. Eventually he moved in with David-Smith in Scotsdale, Arizona. There, the they dug up guitarists Mark Vasquez and Kevin Horton. With Jason on bass, and often singing, the fledgling band dubbed themselves Dogz. Horton was soon replaced by Ed Carlson, and this line up played various gigs and recorded some demos. In 1983, vocalist Erik A.K. joined Dogz, and shortly after they changed the name to Flotsam & Jetsam. Jason acted as bass player, chief songwriter, band manager, fan liason, and lyricist. The band signed with Metal Blade Records and
released their first album,
Doomsday For the Deceiver.

For his audition for Metallica, Newsted learned all of Cliff'sparts, but also added some things to show that he was his own person and a capable bass player. He also plastered Flotam & Jetsam stickers over Metallica's gear. The audition was stretched tothe next day and finally that evening at Tommy's Joint, he was finally asked the big question: "Do you want a job?" His quick ascent to Metallica, which was his favorite band, was not easy. He went through a year of hazing and abuse whichbordered on ludicrous, absurd and amazing. But Newsted proved himself capable.

Sadowsky - Black Vintage - Ash body
Sadowsky - Black Vintage (x2)
Sadowsky - PJ - Cherry Sunburst
Sadowsky - PJ - Caramel Sunburst
Sadowsky - Vintage - Lake Placid Blue #1 (4 strings)
Sadowsky - Vintage - Lake Placid Blue #2 (5 strings)
Sadowsky - Vintage - Cherry Sunburst
Sadowsky - Black Vintage - 24 Fret (x2)

MTD 535






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