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Top 30 FAQ's


1.When and where was the first Metallica show?
Featuring Ron McGovney on bass and Dave Mustaine on guitar, Metallica's first show was at Radio City in Anaheim, CA. The date is said to be March 14, 1982.

2.How did Lars and James first meet?
Lars had taken out an ad in a newspaper called the Recycler, saying he was looking for people to jam with. James answered the ad, and was unimpressed with Lars' playing, partly due to the fact that Lars' cymbals fell over everytime he hit them. Shortly after, Lars went to England to follow his favorite band, Diamond Head on tour, and after returning to the States got a spot on Brian Slagel's "Metal Massacre" album. Using this as bait, he talked James into recording a song for the album, and the rest is history.

3.Who are all the former and current members of the band?
James, Lars, Kirk, Jason all current. Cliff Burton died 9-27-86. Dave Mustaine lead guitar, Ron McGovney bass, both 'removed'. Damien Philips, one appearance, in concert as a second guitarist, Lloyd Grant not really a member, but recorded some lead work to the first demo for "Hit The Lights".

4.What is the song "Fade To Black" written about?
'Fade' was written by James just after the band's equipment was stolen in Boston, whilst they were preparing for their first European tour (and trying to earn money to pay for it!!). Among the stuff stolen was a Marshall amp that was special, they searched two continents looking for a replacement amp with the same sound. 'Fade' was a direct reaction to having had all the gear taken from the band.

5.Why does Megadeth's "Mechanix" song sound a lot like Metallica's "Four Horsemen"?
The 'leader' of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine used to be in Metallica. Dave helped write a few Metallica tunes including "The Mechanix," which used to be a Met song. After Dave was booted from the band, "The Mechanix" was added to and rearranged into "The Four Horsemen."

6.Was Lloyd Grant an actual member of Metallica?
No, Lloyd ONLY played lead guitar on the original demo of "Hit The Lights". At no time was Lloyd ever considered a member.

7.What happened to John Smith, the kid from the "Year & a Half in the Life" video?
John passed away several months after.

8.Who or what is Ktulu?
Ktulu is a tentacled faced creature that lies dormant on the bottom of the ocean awaiting the call to awaken from his followers, created by H.P. Lovecraft and actually spelled Cthulu.

9.Where is Cliff buried?
Cliff's ashes were spread at various points around the bay area, including the Maxwell Ranch House area.

10.Why was Dave Mustaine kicked out of Metallica?
Because he regularly over-abused alcohol and proved to be a major pain in the ass towards the band and their potential friends, on the band's trip to New Jersey to sign with Megaforce Records.

11.Were the members in Metallica in any other bands?
James: Obsession, Phantom Lord, Leather Charm Lars: None Kirk: Exodus Jason: Flotsam and Jetsam, Robert: Infectious and Suicidal.

12.Is true that Lars sings sometimes?
Metallica, on occasion has been known to switch around the instrument's on "Am I Evil?". The (un)usual arrangement is Lars=Vox, James=drums, Jason=guitar, Kirk=bass. Lars claims this is his "Bruce Dickinson impersonation." This is not a very regular happening, maybe five times ever.

13.What is "Creeping Death" about?
About the tale of the plagues bestowed upon the Egyptians, inspired by the second half of the movie 'The Ten Commandments'.

14.Metallica moved from LA to SF, why?
Cliff lived in SF and refused to move to LA. In order to get Cliff as the bass player the band had to relocate.

15.James' skull ring and wolf pendant -where did he get them?
The ring formerly belonged to Cliff. The pendant is from a store called The Great Frog in London (the same place that Cliff got the skull ring.)

16.Who is John Bush? Why did they want him to sing for them?
John Bush is currently the lead singer for Anthrax, formerly the singer for Armored Saint. John is a tremendously gifted vocalist who was asked to join the band just previous to "RTL", this move would have enabled James to handle rhythm guitar only. James, at this point was still not very confident about playing guitar AND singing.

17.Who is John Marshall? Why did he play guitar for James?
John Marshall was Kirks' long time friend and guitar tech (or roadie) at the time of James' "accident" during the Ozzy tour. John was the natural choice to fill in for James' rhythm playing because he was familiar with the songs. John subsequently joined Metal Church, but was called to fill in for James when James got burned on the Met/G'n'R tour in 1992.

18.Where did the name Metallica come from?
Lars stole it. "Mr. Metal" of San Francisco, Ron Quintana, was getting ready to launch a metal fanzine and he had a few names. He asked his friend Lars for help.. after hearing the name "Metallica", Lars quickly suggested a different name and kept "Metallica" for himself!

19.What was Jason's first show with Metallica?
Jason's first gig with Metallica was opening for Metal Church at The Country Club in Reseda in the first week of November 1986. His second gig was the very next night at Jezabelle's in Anaheim.

20.Who was Brad Parker?
April 23, 1982 the band hired a "second" guitarist named Brad Parker and this was the only time they had a 5-piece band. Brad went by the stage name of Damien Philips.

21.What was Cliffs last show?
Stockholm, Sweden. Sept. 26, 1986.

22.What is Alcoholica?
A nickname for Metallica,given to them somewhere in Europe in 1985, because of their love of drinking., A fan was spotted wearing a t-shirt he had made of the cover of "Kill 'Em All", only instead of a hammer and blood, the t-shirt showed a bottle spilling Vodka. The band members liked it so much, they adopted it for their own use.

23.What is Tommy's Joint?
Tommy's Joint is a Hoffbrau (meat, potatos and BEER!!!) located in San Francisco and was a hangout of Metallica's, it is also the place where JASON was asked to join the band!

24.When was Cliff's first gig?
March 5, 1983, The Stone in San Francisco.

25.What is "No Life 'Til Leather?"
"NLTL" is the second group of Metallica Demo's that was widely circulated in the Metal underground. Songs on it include: "Metal Militia", "Seek & Destroy", "Phantom Lord", "Hit the Lights", "Motorbreath", "Jump In The Fire" and "The Mechanix".

26.Where did recorded Metallica first appear?
On "Metal Massacre I", the very first Metallica song called "Hit The Lights" appeared. That song featured James on vocals, rhythm guitar and bass! Lars on drums, Mustaine on lead guitar, and another guitar player named Lloyd Grant added the 2nd guitar solo. Later issuing's of "Metal Massacre" included a different version of the song with McGovney on bass and without Grant.

27.What band was Cliff Burton in before Metallica, and how did Metallica meet him?
Lars feeling unhappy with Ron McGovney's role with the band, heard about a bassist in San Francisco from Brian Slagel. They went up to the Whisky a GoGo in Los Angeles and saw Cliff playing in the band, Trauma. They were so impressed that Lars took it upon himself to woo Cliff into joining the band.

28.Who is HP Lovecraft?
He was a writer that Cliff and Kirk liked and got the rest of the band into reading. This is where Ktulu came in.

29.Why is there a green copy of "Ride The Lightning"?
This was a French pressing with a printer's error, making this version very collectible.

30.When was Metallica's first tour?
July 27-September 3, 1983.








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